Thanks to Amir Ali for writing up this nice article in The Daily Hive. It was really timely as well because it was written shortly after I was cut from the Translink busking program for not being a good enough musician. This popped into my inbox just after getting cut, so it was critical vindication! P.S. I got reinstated to the program.

This is an article about my busking rig from a great publication, Spinal Cord Injury BC’s Spin Magazine. I really feel honored and hopeful that for some person out there in this big wide world, I can inspire them about what you can use your power chair for. It’s been a long journey, with many modifications, so feel free to contact me if you like.

This is a blog post by a travelling couple from Germany. I was one in a series of “coincidences”, and this one was of a spiritual nature (again). As regular readers will find out, my music life is tied into a large number of “coincidences” for which I am getting more in tune with, and becoming more grateful for by the day. Thanks so much to Torsten Luhm and so nice to meet you and your wife!