It’s been a bit of a long gong show getting the recording process underway. In 2008 in Penticton I paid someone $500 dollars to provide me with phase cancelled garbage, yet this guy taught sound engineering at a local college! In 2015 I got sound engineer who backed out. Then, The VAMS Debacle begins. We were recording before the pandemic but we were not allowed to access the hard drive because the studio was in a medical facility. I’m also not foolish enough to risk my health to get vaccinated, so I am kept out of the studio, so we switch gears to recording remotely only for the engineer to take the side of my bandmates and to start ignoring my emails to continue the work remotely! Yeah, that’s real professional behaviour from The Vancouver Adapted Music Society! So I have dropped those jokers like a hot potato and I’m on to recording with Lee Holland in Celista but the summer fires cancelled our session! We will get back at it as soon as the snow melts on the Coquihalla!  Check out the newsletter for regular updates!