People always ask me why I don’t have a CD or some more polished stuff recorded. All the stuff on SoundCloud is just jam material. It gives you a taste, but it’s not sellable material. I started to record in Penticton in 2009, and paid five hundred bucks to get a phase cancelled bunch of material. A waste of money. The sound engineer who screwed it up was also teaching sound engineering! When I came back to Vancouver in 2012, I hooked up with The Vancouver Adapted Music Society and in 2015 we did some recordings, but I had no support from a sound engineer, so I tried to cajole a friend into helping me. I could not afford a regular studio at that time. Then I met Graeme at VAMS and we started to get some stuff down. Things were looking good. COVID hit. Because VAMS is situated in a medical facility (GF Strong) we were not allowed to access the hard drive where my recordings were. So, during COVID, I worked remotely with Bryden at VAMS. It was also looking very good, but I still didn’t want to do the remote recording method, even though I liked it. I wanted to go into a studio, like a normal musician. VAMS was set to expand their studio space, but with COVID, I had to be vaccinated to access it. I am not vaccinated, nor will I ever be again. So it’s back to the drawing board.