Hey guys,

So here’s the deal… I’m looking to start a travel club for quadriplegics…like myself…

Who want nothing more than to disappear for a month or 2 when the rest of the world is freezing their assess off here in the dead of the cold dark and rainy winter.

But traveling as a quadriplegic as you know, can be expensive…and on top of that, it comes with additional challenges such as:

  • Getting a reliable care aid to go with you
  • Accessing care locally
  • Finding a place that’s accessible
  • In an area that’s accessible
  • With accessible options for local travel.

Well, it’s not impossible…. And I believe I have a solution.

A solution that I am confident will provide us the safety net we need to travel….. at a cost we can afford.

I did a trip last year and it completely changed my life. 

No more hibernating inside while life slips you by… No more “living” for just the month of July.

If this is something that you’re at all interested in, Click here to learn more.