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I am a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who proudly hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I play, sing, and write compelling music in the blues, rockish, latinish, and folkish veins. I love grooves and a range of topics in my lyrical repetoire. I play both electric and acoustic guitar in equal measure. I gained my musical wings in Kelowna and Penction, BC, through 2001-2011.

I hope that you find that I am a solid guitarist who has managed to create a rhythm style that is unique in well-well worn tradition. I also LOVE lead guitar. Surprinsingly though, I am finding out these days that I am becoming more well known for my voice. If you had asked me ten years ago if I would ever be known as a singer, I would have laughed at you, and out of key! My voice is getting stronger and mature, and I can sometimes deliver moments of intense vulerability.

Although I definitely have a style I work within, I do try to push my own personal boundaries from within it. Proof is in the lazy jazzy ballad “Love’s Sanatorium”, to the latinesque yearing of “Don’t Go”, to the gut wrenching jail cell confession of the minor blues “The Lines On Your Face”.  My songwriting style is influenced by the seasoning of life combined with social work and political science studies, and my subsequent independent thinking. Some topics include disability (“Ten Feet Tall”),  violence (“Privledged But Pained”), loss and hope (“Fishin’ In The Clouds”, “Rest In Peace Of Mind), and just pure euphoria (“Come and Play With Me”).

I am in the pre-production phase of my first album. The SoundCloud link on this page is not for final material, but just a sampling of music I have done quickly so that event organizers have an idea that I am serious. More details to come.

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