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Digger Dan

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Digger Dan is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who proudly hails from Surrey, BC. Digger Dan plays, sings, and writes compelling music in the blues, rock, folk, and pop vein, with great grooves, and a range of topics in his lyrical repetoire. He plays both electric and acoustic guitar in equal measure.

Dan is an solid guitarist who has managed to create a rhythm style that is unique in well-well worn tradition, but, surprisingly, is finding these days that he is becoming more well known for his voice. “If you had asked me ten years ago if I would ever be known as a compelling singer I would have laughed at you, out of key!”, says Digger.  Dan’s voice is strong and mature and but can also deliver moments of intense vulerability.

Digger’s music centers around the intention of honesty and passion in his delivery. He carefuly picks cover songs that speak directly to him, and he is sure that at least some of his originals will speak to you.

His songs have a wide range of feels and styles from the lazy jazzy ballad “Love’s Sanatorium”, to the latinesque yearing of “Don’t Go”, to the gut wrenching jail cell confession in “The Lines On Your Face”. Pure euphoria reigns in “Come and Play With Me” and “Jade”, as well as the hilaroius quacking tale of “The Vodka Duck”.

Digger Dan is in the pre-production phase of his first album. More details to come.

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